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3rd Midsummer Meeting on Paediatric Haematology and Oncology - June 10th-12th 2011


More than 70 international participants not only from the three organizing Medical Faculties at the Universities of Prague, Wroclaw and Dresden, but also individuals from Belarus, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia actively participated for this year's 3rd Midsummer Meeting on Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Traditionally this event takes place inside the geographical triangle formed by the cities of Dresden - Prague - Wroclaw and this time the symposium was perfectly organised by Petr Sedlacek (Prague, CZ) in the Czech town of Liberec. In a friendly and stimulating atmosphere 14 renowned experts gave highly informative "state of the art" educational lectures, followed by short talks on selected topics given by young physicians covering almost the whole field of pediatric hematology, oncology and stem cell transplantation. Nurses presented preliminary results of international survey cared by EU project Leonardo. This survey was performed in pediatric transplant centers mainly in Turkey, Germany and Spain. Almost as a kind of tradition from the preceding meetings a three-hour session was dedicated to short presentations of rare clinical cases or uncommon courses of a disease. In an interactive approach auditors were asked questions by the speakers with regards to optimal diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. All participants enjoyed this way of exchanging knowledge and ideas in a vivid atmosphere with intense discussion. On Saturday evening at the Dinner Party wonderful music was performed by a string quartet and all participants experienced breathtaking moments when a magician among other tricks allowed a table with a burning candle on top to float through the air. On the last day besides poster presentations three abstracts were selected out of the accepted submissions as prize winners (1st prize: Julita Porwolik; Wroclaw; PL; two 2nd prizes each: Olga Zajac-Spychala, Poznan, PL; Michal Zapotocky, Prague, CZ). Also for the first time this year all educational sessions and abstracts were published citable in a supplemental volume of "Onkologie (CZ)" (ISSN: 978-80-87327-65-4; Overall the symposium definitively fulfilled its claims to exchange experience and knowledge as well as to promote friendship between physicians and nurses from all neighboring countries.

Please mark your next-year's calendars to meet again for the 4th Midsummer Meeting at Görlitz / D preliminary on June 18. - 20. 2012 (Organizer: M. Suttorp, Dresden). The longest days and shortest nights of the year will hopefully again be filled with fruitful scientific exchange and an incendiary atmosphere of entertaining social events.


Petr Sedlacek
Prague, Czech Republic

Alicja Chybicka, Krzystof Kalwak
Wroclaw, Poland

Meinolf Suttorp
Dresden, Germany

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